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Tandem Paragliding over the Rugged Lava Fields at Blue Mountains

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Happyworld     2 hours     Travel method: Flying     Region: Capital Region

Paragliding in Reykjavík, Iceland, with views over lava fields, geothermal areas, snow capped mountains, the city and Atlantic ocean.
Paragliding is the simplest and purest form of flying available to man. As a tandem passenger you need no prior knowledge, simply join our expert Paragliding Tandem Instructors and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective. Once the Paraglider is inflated and safety checks are done, we take a few steps off the ground until we are walking on air! The Paraglider has no motor and uses the rising air to silently glide above the ground with the other birds. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

Airtime: Depending on weather but typically 10 to 15 minutes.
Total time: Allow 2-3 hours including transport to and from central Reykjavík and preparations.
Pick up: If selected, starts 30 min. before your booked time.
Location: Blafjallavegur (road no. 417), off Sudurlandsvegur (road no. 1), by the second car parking area.
Minimum age: under 18 years need parents written permission.
Weight limits: 20-120 kg. / 45-265 pounds.
Included: All safety equipment.
What to wear: Outdoors clothing according to weather and sturdy shoes.
Photography: Bring a camera at your own risk, or use our GoPro on a stick, offered as a bookable extra.

Subject to weather conditions:
If we need to cancel your booking because of weather we will offer you a re-schedule, an alternative or full refund. Due to how fast the weather changes in Iceland we can never guarantee a flight. If we do not manage to get you airborne during your stay in Iceland, you will receive a 100% refund.

A Tandem Paragliding Flight is a legitimate Introductory flight operated by licensed Paragliding Instructor pilots from the Reykjavík Free Flying Club

Best price guarantee
No hidden costs
Minimum age: 12 years
Difficulty: Easy

What is included

All safety equipment. Plenty of free parking.

Important information

You should wear outdoors clothing according to weather. Sturdy shoes.


Please bear in mind that Paragliding is highly reliable on weather. We always put safety first and if weather does not co-operate we will offer you a re-schedule, an alternative or a full refund. Paragliding weather is not necessarily the same as what non-paragliding pilots call good weather. We rely on micro meteorology and need to take different factors into account, like prevailing wind at height, wind on take-off and landing, wind direction, predicted changes as well as the effects of sun, sea breeze and the landscape. With Iceland being a very small island on the brink of the Arctic Circle weather can change faster than anything you’ve seen before. Please make sure we have your email and phone number and make sure to check for any communication from us before heading out. Should we need to make changes to the schedule due to weather we will strive to let you know as soon as possible.

A Tandem Paragliding Flight is a legitimate Introductory flight operated by licensed and experienced Paragliding Instructor pilots.

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