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Tour Operator: Norðurflug Helicopter Tours 2h 30m Travel method:   Flying Region / Starts from: Capital Region

Fire & Ice

Iceland - the land of Fire and Ice and the the great forces that sculpture the island are in focus in the spectacular trip! Experience the extreme contrast Icelandic nature has to offer by flying across Iceland’s volcanic landscape to land on top of a glacier! The journey to the glacier takes us over lava fields, craters and colourful mountain ridge. Once the lave fields are behind us we enter into the highlands with all its colours and glaciers. We land on Langjökull at an exclusive location, only accessible by helicopter. There you can take a moment to breath in the fresh mountain air, experience the complete silence, enjoy the magnificent view, and even make snow angels. As we take to the skies to return back, you will see deep crevasses and steep ice falls that make an adventurous setting. There are no special effects like in a movie, this totally surreal setting is all real. We peek in the crater of the majestic shield volcano Skjaldbreiður and fly over the tectonic rift separating America and Europe in the historical Thingvellir National Park. We fly over geothermal hot springs and the largest geothermal power plant in the world. We land at a remote area to witness, smell and feel the geothermal energy with bubbling mud pits and steaming hot surface. Finally our flight path concludes with a flight over of Reykjavik to give us an aerial overview of the city. "The views you see... it just made me speechless, my heart was racing, a big smile on my face... as if I was in love!" -Trip Advisor Feedback Sights: Þórisjökull Glacier, Glymur Waterfall, Þingvellir National Park, Hengill Geothermal Area

What is included
The total duration of the tour is 110-140 minutes, approx.60-80 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15 minute landing on a glacier and a 15 minute landing by a remote geothermal area on an old volcano.
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We will be in touch with you through email as soon as possible to give you an exact starting time of your tour
Important information
We recommend that you wear good shoes, warm jacket, a hat and gloves. It does cold not get cold inside the helicopter (similar to sitting in a car) but it can get cold and windy on Icelandic mountain tops.

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